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This video, created by the online news/talk network The Young Turks, attempts to discuss the League of Legends World Championship and the developing eSports phenomenon.

While I am not particularly bothered by the various opinions of the commentators, I do find the segment questionable in terms of journalistic integrity. The clip begins with the commentators emphasizing their total lack of knowledge about the game or eSports in general, and then they proceed to offer a slew of opinions based on factual inaccuracies. They do not bring in an expert to discuss the topic at hand, in spite of devoting ten minutes to conversation, and failed in terms of even the most basic research. They appear confused as to even the platform on which League of Legends is played, which a reasonable human being might assume would be one of the most basic pieces of information necessary for a thoughtful conversation.

It’s disheartening that even progressive, online news networks fail to make an attempt to give proper coverage of other emerging digital mediums, like eSports.

The only upside here is the rather hilarious paradox of people making fun of eSports as a shadow of professional sports while simultaneously serving as a shadow of professional journalists. Honestly, if you want to have a discussion bring in someone who can add depth to the topic instead of admitting ignorance and then passing off an ignorant conversation as a legitimate opinion.